ParentPlus Resources

We have developed a number of charts to help you encourage your children. These are available for purchase at £7.99 each, plus £1.50 Post & Packaging within the United Kingdom.

Make It Great To Be Good

‘Look What I Can Do’ charts

Here's a weird thing... Our kids are just like us! They love to be encouraged and have good behaviour recognised.

Imagine for a second that you have done the best you can with a job and a boss comes in and points out all the faults and the bits where you got it wrong. How does that make you feel? How does that make you react?

Now imagine the same scenario but this time the boss comes in and heaps praise upon your work and recognises all the hard work you’ve put into it. How do you feel this time? How do you feel towards your boss?

Notice any differences???

Now apply that principle to your kids.

It's easy to focus on the negative behaviour but how about noticing the positives?

These two charts are brilliant for reminding you to focus on the positives as well as recognising and rewarding your child’s good behaviour.

Each chart comes with a supply of Velcro backed stick-ons that you can use again and again making these charts great value for money. The charts are also wipe-clean so you re-use them.

When your chart arrives write your child’s name on it (in non-permanent marker) and use it to recognise every positive thing he or she does.

Why not agree that if they have a certain number of stick-ons by the end of the week they can have a treat. We recommend spending special time and creating memories rather than spending lots of money.

If your child is naughty do not remove stick-ons as doing so devalues their good behaviour. Use a suitable sanction and continue to recognise and rewards their positive behaviour.

Dealing With Daily Difficulties

Routine charts

Here's something that can make a huge difference if bedtimes, mealtimes or other parts of the day are times of major stress.

Bedtime, school time or meal time is actually a series of actions your child needs to do.

So a bedtime routine might involve 6 separate actions:
Toys away, bath, pyjamas on, toilet and teeth, bedtime story, go to sleep.

These charts are brilliant for putting together a routine and then communicating it to your child so that he or she can easily follow it.

Rather than the negative, 'Why haven’t you…?', you can now use the positive, 'What do we do next?'.

As you and your child regularly go through the step by step routine you create a wonderful sense of security for your child which is critical to good behaviour.

Each chart is supplied with a selection of stick-ons (including a couple of blanks in case you can’t find just the one you need) enabling you to create multiple routines, and a stick-on holder so you can store stick-ons when you are not using them.

Each chart has space for up to 6 stick-ons to keep your routine simple and easy.

The charts are great value for money as they can be re-used lots of times with different routines.

Changing Bad Habits

Charts to change a habit

Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out because your child will not stop/start doing something you don't/do want them to do?

These action charts are a great tool for changing one area of behaviour over four weeks.

Here's how it works…

1. Decide what the target is e.g.
  • Eating my tea
  • Going to bed when mummy tells me to
  • Getting to school on time
2. Decide how many times your child has to hit the target in week one to get the reward e.g. 3 times in the week one gets the reward.

3. Assuming all goes well in week one (if not repeat or, if necessary, lower the number of times for week one) increase the number of times your child has to hit the target in week two e.g. 4 times in week two gets the reward.

4. Assuming all goes well in week two increase the number of times your child has to hit the target in week three to get the reward.

5. In week four your child will be aiming to hit the target 6 or 7 times to get the reward. If all goes well... CELEBRATE! It's time for a major reward. That might not be money but a really special treat. If all doesn't go well just drop back a week or two but keep going.

Over four weeks you will have developed in your child a new, positive pattern of behaviour and when you have done that once you can do it again.