The Parent Connection

Four or six sessions thinking through practical steps which make a huge difference in raising
happy, healthy children.

  • I'm A Brilliant Parent
    • If you think you're a rubbish parent you feel like rubbish. It's not rocket science!! What happens next? Because you feel rubbish you find yourself getting fed up and cross with the kids who respond by acting up even more. You're now dealing with the kid's behaviour whilst feeling like a failure all of which confirms to you exactly what you thought in the first place… that you're a rubbish parent!


      What happens if you start the day by telling yourself you're a fantastic, brilliant, best-in-the-whole-wide-world-sort-of parent? Over time your confidence will grow which will change how you feel. Because you're feeling happier and more confident you will deal with your children differently so they will react to you more positively. All of which confirms to you what you were already thinking…that you're a brilliant parent.
  • Wonderful or Terrible
    • OK, so now you are starting to tell yourself that you're a brilliant parent, what next? You will probably find there are some areas where your child's behaviour is wonderful, plenty where it is ok and maybe some where it is terrible and you want it to change.

      DON'T dive in and try and change everything all at once. It won't work and both you and your child will be very miserable.

      DO identify one thing you want to change and work on that one thing to begin with. Once you've successfully dealt with one area of behaviour you'll start to see you can slowly but surely deal with the other ones.
  • Routines and Boundaries using the A.C.E.© strategy
    • Setting routines and maintaining boundaries are the main ways of shaping a child's behaviour.
      The Parent Connection works through the simple three step A.C.E.© strategy to help put into place workable routines and boundaries.
  • The Big Three
    • Now you've got the tools to make a change the Parent Connection looks at the three key areas of sleeping, eating and playing.
      Here at ParentPlus we're not aiming for perfect kids because they don't exist. What we are all about is happy, healthy kids.

      If your child is sleeping the right amount or thereabouts, eating the right sort of food at the right sort of time and engaging in activities that don't require a screen when they are not at school they will have a much better chance at growing up happy and healthy.

      And that is what ParentPlus is all about!